Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lala's Creamery - a highlight of July Northern California trip

Tempted to order this?  YES, I was and I did!

Madelyn ordered a taller delight!

Patty is gonna love me for posting this photo series....

 And one last Patty-in-action shot!  
 Not to be out-done - Here is LaLa-in-action!!!
 Just try to look at this Peggy-in-action photo and not smile! 
 Something must have been very funny!!!
 Back to the cone!
 Gooooood to the laaaaaaaast........

 And as if the treats were not enough of a highlight -
 this story expands because the name of the shop is
Lala's Creamery!!!!!!

 This local establishment is maybe a half hour 
from LaLa's new home in California!!!

 The decor is an old-fashioned-diary-bar - 
which brings back childhood memories for me. 
 Our family owned Terry's Dairy Bar 
in Mansfield, Ohio when I was in grade school.  

What a fun, fun place!  Don't miss it when you travel to Petaluma, CA!

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