Friday, February 11, 2011

Photos of photos

Seriously, did I just take photos of photos? Yes, I did. Purpose being to document "This is where I began."

There are the flowery organizational boxes. I see the empty photo albums, brand-spanking new albums. The additional pages are still in their wrappers gathering dust. I see some albums that do have photos in them, probably those albums that are totally unsafe and eating away at my precious pics. As I turn around in the room, I see more boxes under the desk. I think I may have thought that different colored boxes would designate different topics or years. There are files in baskets, certificates in folders, memorabilia on shelves. How did it happen that those years have turned into decades? Scary!

If this is where I began, where am I going?

After this paragraph you will see the book with the western wagon full of flowers and a colorful quilt on the cover? This is my FIRST photo book! It is the journal of a trip to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. The emphasis is on FIRST! I am so excited about publishing one, I can't wait to publish another! The second book is in progress and I am almost ready to punch the 'buy book' button. One important fact to remember of the ease of the first and second books, is that all the photos were already uploaded to the iMac. How hard is it to pop that little camera card into the computer and upload!

Sooooooo - what is the "uncertainty"
behind the "excitement?"
There is much
searching, sorting, scanning,
downloading, dating, describing, and
juggling, jostling, journaling to be done.
Opening the photo boxes,
files and closet door was the easy part!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Photo closet - "I'm going in!"

What is this "uncertainty" that borders on "excitement" at the very thought of opening the files, albums, boxes, etc that are in the photo closet? Did I really open the door? The glass door knob slipped an extra turn and I almost turned tail and ran. The memorabilia seems endless. And this does not count the photo boxes that are stacked neatly in the guest room on the multi-level shelves. You know, those pretty flowery boxes that are supposed to somehow set organization into motion.

And what am I doing right now - taking pictures of the pictures!!! What is wrong with this picture?