Sunday, December 29, 2013

 December 2013 will be remembered for a VERY cold Ice Storm!
 It was December 5 late afternoon when the rain began.
 Whereby the timing of rain may not be so important for many,
for our JSS Quilt Bee this timing was very important.
 The annual Christmas Party was about to wrap up 
another memorable time together.
Out of town members had flown in from 
California as well as Kentucky!
 So the JSSers were one VERY grateful group 
that the party took place!
The next few days Texas was ice, ice and more ice!
Travelers' flights were cancelled!

 Quilters were confined to quilting!
How good is that!
 Well, it would have been better if we could have gathered
together to quilt while we were iced-in,
but as these front steps show,
it was more than slippery!
 Yes, that is a sheet of ice on the water
that the ducks had to break through.

 North winds were blowing!
 The driveway did not have tire tracks!
This dove decided to settle at the spa!
The morning after the JSS party the front steps were thick with ice! 
 It took days for the ice in the rain barrel to melt!

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