Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 9 - JSS 2011 Christmas Post Party

 Grapevine, Texas - Main Street Christmas Tree dances with colored lights.

The Quilting Depot doors open for JSSers to gather.

 In the afternoon after lunch we had time to stitch and relax.
Sally, Karen, Peggy, Lynn, LaLa and Pam
Pam already has her brown-bag-challenge-
gift quilt from Susan - hanging on the design wall.
Kay and Nancy were there too.
Dede, Patti & LaNelle joined us later.

Time for some fun pictures.
Kay and LaLa - Big Grins!

 Sally and Nancy

After a few grins we walked down the street.

 Farina's outdoor dining room had our reserved table by the fireside.

Pam, LaNelle, Patti, Dede, Karen
LaLa, Sally, Peggy, Judy & Lynn
 Pam brought her reading glasses with HEADLIGHTS!

This expressive gal is wearing a stunning coat and hat!!!
 The reading glasses were passed around.
Have quilting tools will travel....
Peggy's hat is just TOO cute!
The light of the fireplace was not that bright.
The reading glasses with HEADLIGHTS came in handy!
Food is ordered.
Time for some more FUN FUN pictures!

 Patti, Lynn & Judy
Just in case you can't recognize us...

 LaNelle, Lynn, Patti & Pam
 Here is a better picture of Peggy's hat.
Karen had a cute hat too!

How can a moustache be so funny...

 Judy with Sally
 Judy with Lynn
Judy with Santa
 Lynn and LaLa with........
Dede and Pam with.....
 Time for some wine.
Time for some conversation.
Time for delicious food!
All in all - a memorable evening
to finalize the JSS 2011 Christmas celebrations.

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